Who are we?

SXH Marketing s.r.o. is a small, but high impact company based in Slovakia.  Founded by a couple, Silard Matrai and Henriette Honved, having over 20+ years experience in sales and marketing and business development.

At the beginning of its success the company was most active on the training, publishing and consulting field. It’s co-founder, Silard Matrai was a guest speaker also at the Asian Networkers Conference and Expo in Manila, Phillipines.

SXH Marketing used to support a single customer between Q3 2017 and Q1 2019 in many areas of its business including designing and managing international incentive travel and events up to more than 1000 participants.

Today it is active in many different fields, such as sales, consulting, training, direct marketing.

SXH Marketing s.r.o. Tax ID number: SK2024115005

Adress: 92901 Velké Dvorniky, Novy rad 145

Phone: +421 911 418 170

E-mail: sxhmarketing[at]gmail[dot]com

SXH Marketing can act like your own marketing department also. Do not hesitate to contact us to put our experience in the service of your success.


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